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An Update!


So one of my friends found out my little secret… this blog! …and my natural hair drama since taking my locs down three years ago.  She told me I needed to update the blog.  I mean she knew I was NOT loving it but now she REALLY knows I wasn’t loving it and the endless changes I went through until I decided to loc it up again back in October.

I haven’t updated because honestly there isn’t much to say.  (And it took me a minute to remember which email address I used to start this blog… then I needed to find the password.)  Womp womp.  I really do believe that less is more when it comes to natural hair, and especially with locs.  It’s been…  8 months now I think? and I’m still rocking a bantu knot out, washing every two weeks.  Rinse and repeat.  Alot less scalpy than they were back in November and a little bit longer but not too much (shrinkage is still a bish!).

I don’t use any specific products.  I was super faithful to the locking pomade from Nubian Kinks and a friend of mine picked up a jar for me from their salon, but we haven’t been able to coordinate a meet so I can get it from her.  I ran out of the jars I had and since then I’ve just been using whatever I had in my closet, mostly because I’m being frugal and don’t want to spend alot of money on hair products.  Since running out of the Nubian Kinks pomade I’ve used some leftover stuff from Oyin Handmade, and when I ran out of that, I now use some Taliah Waajid stuff.  I do miss that Nubian Kinks pomade though, I’ma need to meet up with my friend soon so I can get my jar.

Let’s see… what else? I colored my hair over Memorial Day weekend . L’Oreal Sizzling Copper and 40 developer from the local beauty supply.  I like it, getting lots of compliments.  I colored my hair with it a million years ago (seriously I can’t remember when it was.  I’m sure it’s in this blog somewhere) and just wanted to refresh the roots.  It came out really nice.  I actually wish it was lighter.  I like that it’s red copper and not that yucky box red they put in those Dark and Lovely boxes.

Pardon the shiny face, I had been out in the sun all day in a BLACK maxi dress.  Sorry it’s not a better picture.  I’ll see if I can find one but for now this will have to do.

What else?  Ok so every two weeks, I shampoo and condish with the Nourish Spa line from Trader Joe’s. Sometimes I’ll combine the TJ’s condish with some leftover Aubrey Organics White Camelia condish along with olive, castor, jojoba and peppermint oil for deep conditioning under my hair steamer.  Moisturize with Kinky Curly Knot Today and a spray bottle with olive oil, peppermint oil, jojoba oil and water.  Use whatever pomade and/or gel I happen to be using to bantu knot the locs.  Let dry.  Take the bantu knots out.  Go.  Repeat as needed every two weeks.  Sometimes three.  Because I workout and sweat alot, when things start looking Miss Celie, I’ll pull the locs up in a banana clip minus the teeth and rock a little mini loc hawk until it’s time to wash again.

And that’s all.

Hey Dorien!


Crinkle Locs and Lessons Learned


And so… here we are.

Let’s just get to it, shall we?

I had to color my hair again, the Jazzing was fading and that awful brass from the coloring mishap I had back in November was rearing it’s ugly head again.  I decided to just go on ahead and use a permanent color because I didn’t want to have to keep reapplying the Jazzing and sitting under the dryer every 6-8 weeks or so.  I’m like over this hair already, tired of messing with it. My natural hair has always been resilient as far as color goes. I am a little concerned about damage, but as long as I take care of my hair especially well in the next few weeks I should be fine.

After coloring I decided that instead of traditional conditioner, I was going to do a hot oil treatment, but after applying my castor/olive/jojoba oil mix, sitting under the  dryer using the technique I described in this post, and rinsing my hair, it still felt crunchy and dry and my scalp felt even worse, like I’d been walking in the desert for 6 months.  I attempted to fix the dry scalp issue by applying more olive oil to my scalp which did nothing but make a hot greasy mess, and my scalp was STILL dry.  It was so dry that when I put head to pillow to sleep that night, my scalp felt like someone was sticking it with a million pins because there was absolutely NO moisture on my scalp and the hair was rubbing up against it. Awful.

So I ended up having to wash my hair AGAIN to get rid of all of that oil and used Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa conditioner under the heating cap for about half an hour.  My hair thanked me. My scalp thanked me.  I also twisted and braided with the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade.  God that stuff is FABULOUS, and really helped with the scalp dryness.  I’ll also be using the Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier nightly as a leave-in to bring the moisture back into my hair.

So the lesson I learned is that traditional conditioners work best for me.  I’ve heard different stories about using creamy conditioners on locs, especially on loc extensions, and honestly I used traditional creamy conditioners on my first set of locs and never had any issues with buildup.  The only time I ever used hot oil treatments was on rare occasions that I went to a salon to get my locs washed and they gave me a hot oil treatment under the steamer.  But for the time being, hot oil treatments aren’t gon get it, my hair disapproves.  This was my second attempt at one and I wasn’t pleased with the results either time, so I’m sticking with traditional conditioners from now on. I’ll add to them with oils like olive and castor, to thin them out, and especially because of the cold, dry winter weather, but using the oils by themselves is no bueno.  I can also use pure oils as a pre-poo, but not for conditioning. I do want to eventually purchase a hair steamer and MAY try another hot oil treatment at that time, but I’ll probably mostly use a traditional conditioner mixed with the oils instead.

So here are pics of the braids and the braid out.  My locs are not all the same length, so I used a tip from one of the Nubian Kinks youtube videos that suggests bending the ends of the locs that stick out, underneath the braid, then securing with the bands, so you don’t end up with straggly straight ends that ruin the look of the style. I think it worked out really well.

The End of an Affair… with Kinky Twist Hair


So I finally FINALLY combed out the kinky twist hair.  I actually started on the evening of the 17th and, took a few rows out every night after work.  I finished on Friday night.  I did a prepoo overnight with Amla Oil , which is an Ayurvedic oil that also comes in powder form.  (I’ll get into Ayurvedic hair care in another post.)  This particular brand of Amla Oil doesn’t smell very pleasant and it gets all over EVERYTHING, but I’ve used it in the past and it did strengthen my hair.  In the morning did a light shampoo. I THEN used Clairol semi-permanent hair color Jazzing in Bluest Black.

The hair color I’d done a week ago was ATROSH!!!  I swear my hair for the most part looked like someone’s brass bed, especially the hairline.

I could NOT WAIT to fix it!  I certainly didn’t want to use another permanent color so I opted to use Jazzing because it’s only semi-permanent and will give me  coverage until the brassy-ness of the last color grows out. (And for the record I am DONE with color for the next 6 months.  I’ve put my locs  through so much lately I want to give them a chance to recover.  Soooo done!) The Jazzing requires you to apply the color to wet hair, then sit under the dryer for 30 minutes.  I sat under the dryer for about 45 minutes.  The stuff is very thin and drippy and got all over me.  Thank goodness I had spare towels I was getting ready to throw away that I ended up using to cover myself and to prevent the color from getting everywhere while I was sitting under the dryer.  I also recommend using some kind of protection on your hairline so the Jazzing doesn’t stain.  I used that old good-for-everything standby, Vaseline.

I then rinsed, and instead of using conditioner, I created a hot oil treatment.  I just heated up EVOO in the microwave, applied it to my hair, then wet a small towel, put that in the microwave to heat up, wrapped my hair up in the towel, put on a shower cap and sat under the dryer for about half an hour.  The wet towel acted as a steamer for the olive oil. My hair turned out oookay.  I’d love to purchase a real steamer and I’m pretty sure I will eventually, but for now I’ll stick to conditioner and my heating cap, which has been working fine for me all this time.

Once the half hour under the dryer was up, I rinsed my hair with as much cool/cold water as I could stand in order to close the cuticles of my hair, then palm rolled my hair with my new holy grail for palm rolling, the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade.

THIS STUFF IS GOLD.  And is very difficult to get because the salon that sells it, Nubian Kinks in Brooklyn, sells out so frequently.  I had been chasing this stuff down for WEEKS.  I’d call, the receptionist would tell me they’d be getting some in that  Saturday, but because it’s easier for me to get to Brooklyn during the week since I’m already in the city then, I’d wait till maybe Wednesday to call and confirm they still had some left, and they’d be sold out.  I even sent a girlfriend of mine to the salon this past Saturday to pick some up only for them to be SOLD OUT before noon!  UGH!  I’d heard such great things about it (but not so great things about their shipping times) and was having a hard time getting my hands on some.  Then, on a whim Thursday afternoon I called the salon and the lovely receptionist put aside the last jar for me.  I made a BEELINE to Nubian Kinks after work to pick it up! So happy! Thanks Dana at Nubian Kinks!

The Locing Pomade has a light and fluffy consistency, kinda like whipped pudding, smells DIVINE, and has a blend of some of the most awesome oils EVER.  The ingredients are Water, Aloe Vera, Wheat Protein, Hemp Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, and Herbal Blend.  My hair dried a little crunchy but that was my own fault because I was heavy handed on purpose.  Since I’d put my locs through so much that morning, I wanted to saturate it with moisturizing ingredients and the Locing Pomade fit the bill.  I seriously do not know why they don’t create and sell more of this stuff because it’s fantastic.  Honestly if they were to focus on seriously promoting the Locing Pomade  they would be ROLLING in dough.  It’s THAT good.

I took down the last row of locs at my nape.  The hair back there is very 3c, extremely soft and fragile. Even with my first set of locs I ended up combining two or three locs in that last row and they were shorter than the other locs not only because of the fine texture, but also because since they were at my nape they were always brushing up against something, my collar, a scarf, etc.  My loctician this time around put 4 locs in that row and every time I washed I was afraid I was going to lose one, so I ended up taking down the four and re twisting them as three locs instead.  I also combined a few in other places and combed out one loc entirely, splitting the hair and adding the hair to locs on either side.

So that’s that.  I’ve lost a bit of length, but that’s okay cause it’s all my hair.  It’s actually grown a good 4 inches or so in the last 8 months, about average growth (which is half an inch per month just in case you were wondering).  I kinda missed my hair actually, my different textures and all, the 3c at my nape, the 4b at the crown and the 4a everywhere else.  I’m just happy I don’t have to spend an entire weekend washing conditioning, detangling and styling it!

What I am NOT digging is this scalpy look I’ve got going on right now, but I wanted to leave my hair and scalp alone for the next two weeks, so I decided to go a tight palm roll with the clips to give my locs a little staying power. Here’s the style I just created, it’s a funky kinda basket weave in the back, and some loose flat twists in the front secured with pins.


That’s my E.T. Storybook in the background, my first Michael Jackson record.  Shout out to the King of Pop!

Texture close up.

Whew!  Long post!  I’m done now.  Off to rejoin the real world…. I’ll have some style pics in my next post.