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Irene wouldn’t let me be great.


So I’m sitting here with colored hair and a brand new set of yarn twists.  No locs.  Irene just wouldn’t let me be great.  Lemme tell you what happened.

So on Saturday evening Nedjetti texted and canceled on me which was understandable given the impending bad weather.  She said she was available on Sept 4 and 5 and to let her know which one would work for me.  I texted her back within FIVE MINUTES to let her know that the 5th would be ok (and asked was it okay that it was Labor Day).  About an hour later I realized that she hadn’t responded so I texted again.  Still no response.  Later that evening I was on Twitter and I see her there tweeting away, but still hadn’t responded to my text.  Long story short, she didn’t text me back until Monday afternoon and then had the NERVE to add to the text “please respond to this text”.  Really?  I just…  I don’t know.  So basically  it took her so long to respond to two texts that I sent while I’m seeing her on Twitter that same night and the next day, THEN when it was convenient for HER, she responded to my text and basically kinda demanded that I respond to HER text.  I just wasn’t amused.  At all.  Honestly by the time she texted me back on Monday afternoon I’d already written her off, completed 99% of my new yarn twists, and made an appointment at another salon in October.  Folks who want to act like they don’t really need the money don’t get my business.  I should have listened to my instincts initially when it took her so long to return my phone call for the initial appointment.  Plus you wouldn’t believe how much she was charging (and how much stupid me was willing to pay!) for starter locs.

So what’s going on now you ask?  Well I attempted to color my hair on Sunday because I was gonna just go ahead and start my own locs.  The color came out… interesting.  I kinda like it, but it definitely needs some time to tone down and fade out a bit. No one will really get a chance to see it anyway because it’s enclosed in a brand new set of yarn twists.  I attempted to start my own locs but..  it just…  wasn’t working.  My parts looked kinda crazy, I wasn’t sure if I should twist my hair wet or dry or use a product like a gel or not or how big the parts should be.  I did a few rows at the bottom and I’m not sure if it was because my hair at the nape is sooo soft but the twists just looked to straggly and the parts looked all funny and bla bla bla I gave up.  I thought I could do it but I can’t.  😦  I need help.  I need someone to start me off on the right path.  So I made an appointment with Nubian Kinks in Brooklyn in October.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about the services there, but that’s par for the course for any Black salon.  So I’m already going in knowing that it could potentially be a LONG day, but I’ll sacrifice one day just to get my foundation going and then maintain from there.  So basically I’m right back at square one.  The Universe told me it was time… but Irene wouldn’t let me be great.  I’m SUPER bummed, I would have LOVED to have my locs started on Michael Jackson’s birthday, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

The reason I made an appointment for October instead of next week is because I JUST scrambled to put in a new set of yarn twists after taking out my old set when I thought I was gonna start my own locs.  I did these bad boys in RECORD time, so I’m not TRYING to take out another set AGAIN; I just put them in.  Plus I want to give my hair a break after the color.  My plan is to wash the twists every week and moisturize well until my NEXT attempt to start these locs.  **sigh**  I’m kinda over it now.  Super disappointed.  When it happens it happens.  Maybe it was better to just have picked a random day and gotten them done like I did before, that way I wouldn’t be as disappointed as I am now that I picked a special day and wasn’t able to make it happen. Booooo!

Here are some pics of my color and my new set of yarn twists.  Took about seven and a half hours.


Hurricane Irene. Just ruining plans left and right. :/


This weekend in NYC is a bust.  Hurricane Irene is on its way up the east coast.  Because of Irene, the Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson 3rd Annual Birthday Celebration that was supposed to take place tomorrow was rescheduled, then canceled/postponed. Because of Irene, bus and subway service in the five boroughs will stop at noon tomorrow.  Because of Irene, NYC is on alert as the hurricane is expected to arrive Sunday afternoon and last into the evening.  And because of Irene my appointment with Nedjetti is up in the air.  I took the day off and everything to start my locs because it had to be this specific day and now I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.  At least not by Nedjetti.  I guess if I won’t be able to meet up with Nedjetti on Monday I have a few options.

1. If I know early enough that she won’t be able to meet with me, I can just start them myself which was the original plan.  But now that I was all geeked up about a professional starting my locs for me, I’m second guessing my skills to do it myself.  The reality is that if I don’t do it myself on Monday, I’ll have wasted a vacation day and won’t have my locs started on a day that means alot to me.  The upside to starting my locs myself is that they’d be started on the day I want, I won’t feel like I’ve wasted a vacation day,  AND I’ll save quite a bit of money by not going to Nedjetti. (Not sure about that $35 deposit if I decide not to reschedule, but hell it’s only $35.  I’ve wasted more money that that buying pairs of shoes I ended up never wearing.)

2. I could reschedule with her next week if possible, but who knows when I’d be able to.  She’s only in the city on Sundays and Mondays and works from her home salon the rest of the week.  Next week I’ll only be in the city on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and am leaving for DC on Thursday morning.  The only “real” time for me to get my hair done would be Tuesday evening after 6:30pm if she’s available.  Which would mean me taking the train to her salon I guess if that’s even an option.  And then getting home somehow.

3. Or I could just pop some yarn twists back into my hair on Monday as soon as I know whether or not she’ll be able to meet with me and then reschedule my appointment for sometime when I get back from DC.

So yeah.  This kinda sucks. I’m leaning towards option 3 because I am allergic to having loose natural hair (of course I don’t mean literally but you know what I mean).  But putting in a new set of yarn braids will definitely take some time and I’ve got my first class of the semester on Monday evening, so I can’t just stay home and finish them in time for work the next day .  If anything I’ll just have to work fast, do enough twists around the perimeter of my head to make a ponytail and go ahead on about my business until I can get home and finish up OR finish up on Tuesday after I get home from work.  Plus there are the pros and cons I listed in #1.  Maybe I can do it myself.  How cool would that be to say I started and nurtured my own locs?  I’d be saving money that’s for sure.  And I’d be able to say a year from now that I started my locs myself on Michael Jackson’s birthday.  Decisions decisions.  And I’ll be stuck in the house all weekend with nothing but time to think about what I’m gonna do.  Thanks Irene.

I know what I said, but…


Ok so yesterday I was at work minding my own business, perfectly happy with my decision to start my locs myself with three strand twists (although since my last post I’d decided to go back to two strand twists instead, AND was a little worried about the parting, but decided I was gonna do it anyway), and was just trying to figure out when a good time would be to color my hair before I started my locs, when my cell phone rang.  It was Nedjetti from Nedjetti’s House of Peace, a loctician and natural hair stylist in the NYC area that I’d called maybe two weeks prior, asking about an appointment to start my locs.  When I called and didn’t hear from her in a few days, I didn’t stress it, I just figured she didn’t want the business and I was just gonna continue with my plan.

When I answered the phone she immediately apologized for calling be back at such a late date.  Now usually the Bourgie in me does NOT approve of poor customer service, but she was apologetic and said I was the first person on her call-back list which was nice (even if it may not have been true!).  She asked what I was looking to do, and asked if we were Facebook friends so she could see what my hair looked like in its natural state.  Since my hair’s been in twists for months, the only picture I had of my natural hair was some shots of me in London in 2009.  She quoted a price to me based on my picture, and explained her non refundable deposit policy, which I’d already read about on her website.  We had a very nice conversation and seemed to be on the same wavelength as far as products, and her preferred starter method, as well as some other things, so even though it took her a while to return my call, the conversation we had totally made up for it.  She seemed professional and knowledgeable about natural hair.  I’d also read some reviews of her services on some websites and everyone that went to her had positive things to say, especially about the atmosphere that she provides while you’re at her salon.  I am also friends with her on Facebook and she has many pictures of styles she’s done on natural hair including locs.  They looked fabulous!  I had no problems paying the deposit and made my appointment with her for August 29th at 11:00am.  (I forgot to ask about the color, I’ve just texted her, and am waiting for a call or text back).

So yeah, I know what I SAID about starting my locs myself and whatnot, but with all of this extra time to decide on something and change my mind, then decide on something else and change my mind AGAIN before the 29th, this was bound to happen.  But it’s okay.  I want to make sure I do this right because I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again to anyone who asks, I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER take down another set of locs.  So since this is gonna be a permanent thing, I want to be pleased with my foundation.  It’s gonna cost me a pretty penny (you don’t even WANNA know how much, and that’s not even including color, which we haven’t spoken about yet), but I’m okay with spending the money, especially since she seemed very nice over the phone and reviews I’ve read online have all been positive.  And truth be told, I actually don’t mind that you have to put up a deposit before your appointment.  It tells me she expects a certain level of respect from her clients and in turn will offer them the same.  At least I hope so.

It’s getting closer!  I’m so excited, and now even more so because I’m hopefully going to have a pleasant experience with this stylist.  Ten days to go!

ETA:  I heard back from Nedjetti, she’s going to color my hair as long as she thinks its healthy.  I think it is, but then again I haven’t really seen it since December, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see and put that extra money aside just in case she says my hair is okay to color.  More pretty pennies I’m going to spend on my hair but it’ll be worth it.  Wooo hooo!