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It’s been… about three weeks now I think, and for the most part things have been going well, so there isn’t much to report.  I’ve been washing weekly mostly because my scalp starts itching and I can’t go any longer than that.  I also work out daily and sweat alot, so a week is about all I can stand before I feel like I need to cleanse my scalp.  I have experienced some dryness which I’m  attributing to a few things; the change in weather and also what I’ve been using to twist my hair.  I’ve been using the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade which gives fabulous hold, but it unfortunately a bit drying for my hair.  I also think I need a better, sulfate free shampoo.  Currently using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, and it’s just ok.  So I’m on the hunt for something new/better and a little more natural.

I just washed my hair Friday and to add some moisture to my hair instead of using the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade, I used my old standby, Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Creme, (and I can’t believe it’s been a year to the day that I made that post!) and put my twists/locs into individual bantu knots.  I’ve used it in the past for bantu knots and it offered great hold and moisture. Since I’m not really a fan of wearing this style to work, I’ll leave them in tomorrow since I’m off from work and take them out Tuesday morning.  My uncle’s wedding is Saturday, I’m hoping the bantu knot out will last until then.


Last weeks bantu knot out… ( I look so tired in this picture!  Dunno what that’s all about.  But my hair looks good tho!)

This weeks bantu knots.

They actually are less painful than they look.  The smaller ones are easier to sleep on and I didn’t make them tight at all because I knew I’d be leaving them in for a few days.

A bantu knot out  is how I’ve been wearing my hair for the past few weeks.  **shrug** And that’s that.


Experiments with color. Yes. Again.


If you can’t tell I REALLY want to color my hair.  I had some experiments back in late October AND late November that didn’t go well, and I’ve left my hair alone since then, but I want to color my hair before I start locking just so I can have a “line” if you will that will show me how much my hair has grown since I put the color in.  This way I’d have an indicator anytime I’d think my hair wasn’t growing, especially since I probably won’t color it again until 6 months or more into the process.

In my previous post about experimenting with color, I discussed using the L’Oreal Excellence for Dark Hair in Sizzling Copper and how it didn’t take because I hadn’t used bleach on my hair beforehand.  I don’t know why I thought it would work this time around because my hair hasn’t changed at all since then, but I bought a tube AGAIN and did a test on a small section of my hair this evening.  And once again, the color didn’t take.  No surprise there.

I also bought a box color, Creme of Nature Intense Red and did a test on a different section of my hair.  Box colors usually come with 20 developer, but when I mixed up the sample, I used the 30 developer I had from back in October. The Creme of Nature color didn’t take either.

My hair is practically jet black, so apparently I’m living in a fantasy world if I think that I can lighten up my hair by several shades without using something to remove some of this jet black-ness.

I see such wonderful potential with the Sizzling Copper that I’m not willing to give up on it yet, but I’m afraid, I sooo don’t want my hair to fall out!  As of right now I’m 50% for and 50% against.  We’ll see how I feel when it comes closer to the 29th.  I love that the Sizzling Copper is red-ish but not the traditional red that I see on alot of Black women.  That burgundy red that I’ve never been all that fond of.  You know what I mean.  Anyway, the idea is to have the top half of my hair Sizzling Copper, and use a semi perm jet black for the back of my hair  (No need to use developer and all that if I don’t have to).  My hair is healthy and strong, so I don’t anticipate any problems.  In the meantime I won’t do anything without thoroughly researching it first.

As I was scouring YouTube for vids of folks coloring their hair red, I came across this cutie.  Yes, she’s  not “of color” but as a freelance video editor, I see the detail she put into editing her videos and absolutely love her personality…. AND her color.  She makes me wish I was 20 years old again without a care in the world and no corporate job so I’d be able to color my hair this gorgeous red.

In the meantime, back into yarn twists my hair goes until the Countdown To Lockdown clock ticks down to zero.  No matter if I color my hair or not, I’m still ready to loc and begin my new journey.  22 days to go!

Crinkle Locs and Lessons Learned


And so… here we are.

Let’s just get to it, shall we?

I had to color my hair again, the Jazzing was fading and that awful brass from the coloring mishap I had back in November was rearing it’s ugly head again.  I decided to just go on ahead and use a permanent color because I didn’t want to have to keep reapplying the Jazzing and sitting under the dryer every 6-8 weeks or so.  I’m like over this hair already, tired of messing with it. My natural hair has always been resilient as far as color goes. I am a little concerned about damage, but as long as I take care of my hair especially well in the next few weeks I should be fine.

After coloring I decided that instead of traditional conditioner, I was going to do a hot oil treatment, but after applying my castor/olive/jojoba oil mix, sitting under the  dryer using the technique I described in this post, and rinsing my hair, it still felt crunchy and dry and my scalp felt even worse, like I’d been walking in the desert for 6 months.  I attempted to fix the dry scalp issue by applying more olive oil to my scalp which did nothing but make a hot greasy mess, and my scalp was STILL dry.  It was so dry that when I put head to pillow to sleep that night, my scalp felt like someone was sticking it with a million pins because there was absolutely NO moisture on my scalp and the hair was rubbing up against it. Awful.

So I ended up having to wash my hair AGAIN to get rid of all of that oil and used Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa conditioner under the heating cap for about half an hour.  My hair thanked me. My scalp thanked me.  I also twisted and braided with the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade.  God that stuff is FABULOUS, and really helped with the scalp dryness.  I’ll also be using the Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier nightly as a leave-in to bring the moisture back into my hair.

So the lesson I learned is that traditional conditioners work best for me.  I’ve heard different stories about using creamy conditioners on locs, especially on loc extensions, and honestly I used traditional creamy conditioners on my first set of locs and never had any issues with buildup.  The only time I ever used hot oil treatments was on rare occasions that I went to a salon to get my locs washed and they gave me a hot oil treatment under the steamer.  But for the time being, hot oil treatments aren’t gon get it, my hair disapproves.  This was my second attempt at one and I wasn’t pleased with the results either time, so I’m sticking with traditional conditioners from now on. I’ll add to them with oils like olive and castor, to thin them out, and especially because of the cold, dry winter weather, but using the oils by themselves is no bueno.  I can also use pure oils as a pre-poo, but not for conditioning. I do want to eventually purchase a hair steamer and MAY try another hot oil treatment at that time, but I’ll probably mostly use a traditional conditioner mixed with the oils instead.

So here are pics of the braids and the braid out.  My locs are not all the same length, so I used a tip from one of the Nubian Kinks youtube videos that suggests bending the ends of the locs that stick out, underneath the braid, then securing with the bands, so you don’t end up with straggly straight ends that ruin the look of the style. I think it worked out really well.

Loc Coloring Mishaps…


So last weekend I blogged that I’d used a semi-permanent black rinse for my locs. Yeah it totally didn’t take.  My hair literally looked exactly the same as it did before I colored it.

I’d been checking out a particular locked sister on one of the natural hair message boards and really fell in LOVE with her color.  She used L’Oreal Excellence for Dark Hair in Sizzling Copper. Her locs looked AMAZING.  I knew where to get the color so I headed over to Ricky’s after work (in all that Halloween costume buying frenzy) picked up the hair color and the color developer and was all ready to color my hair.  I was a little nervous since I’ve only been locked for 7 months AND was a little concerned about the kinky twist hair that’s begun to lock into my own hair, but decided to give it a go anyway.

I mixed the hair color and the color developer like the instructions indicated, sectioned my hair into four sections, put on my gloves and got to work.  So la la la, long story short the color didn’t take.

I put the color on and smoothed it in to my hair and waited and waited and waited for the color to change… nothing.  So I rinsed it out before I ended up bald in my bathroom!  You can see that there is a HINT of color, but only really in the sun.  I can say that for the most part my hair is all the same color but it’s not anything close to what I had anticipated. This morning I did a little more research on this kind of hair color and I think I was supposed to lighten my hair with beach first, THEN apply the color.  This color is different than the ones you get in the boxes at Walmart that come with the bleach and color together.

That being said, since I have no desire to experiment with bleaching my OWN hair in my bathroom, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and get my hair professionally colored.  And I’m sticking with my initial plan and waiting until March.  I can live with this color for now, and will wait until I’m further along in the locking process before attempting to color my hair again.

On another note.  I had to do a bit of loc pruning last night.  I had combined some locs at my hairline that I thought would end up thinning out over time.  I basically twisted the two locs together to create a bigger loc.  This was probably two or three months ago.  But I’d notice that some of the locs that I combined were heavy because the ends of the locs were heavy from the hair that had been combined in the two locs. Last night I ended up separating the ends of some of them, and cutting off one side.  Not sure if that makes sense and unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures to show you. Basically the loc looked like a two headed dragon after I split the loc back into the two that I had originally combined, then snipped off one of the dragon’s heads so the loc wouldn’t be so heavy.  That way as the loc matures and gets older and longer I woudn’t have to be worried about the base or root of the loc not being able to support the loc itself.  Just trying to avoid problems before they BECOME problems.

I washed last night, just because I like the way my hair feels afterwards.  I almost DON’T want to wash because I don’t want my scalp to get used to being cleansed every week just in case there are times in the future I get lazy and decide not to wash for two weeks.  But for now I guess I’m trying to help my hair along and get it to loc faster so weekly washes are certainly a way to do that. I was palm rolling after I finished washing, but only did a few rows at the back of my head before I got lazy and decided not to do the rest.  I just lightly blew dry my hair to pull out the extra moisture, added some olive oil to my locs and scalp, use a little Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Tight Hold gel on the edges, put on my scarf and went to sleep.  The results this morning are in the pictures above.  Just pulled them back in a ponytail and went on my way.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and am not sure what I’m gonna be doing with my hair yet, but I’ll be sure to post pics of the style, and some other styles I’ve been wearing in the past few weeks.