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An Update!


So one of my friends found out my little secret… this blog! …and my natural hair drama since taking my locs down three years ago.  She told me I needed to update the blog.  I mean she knew I was NOT loving it but now she REALLY knows I wasn’t loving it and the endless changes I went through until I decided to loc it up again back in October.

I haven’t updated because honestly there isn’t much to say.  (And it took me a minute to remember which email address I used to start this blog… then I needed to find the password.)  Womp womp.  I really do believe that less is more when it comes to natural hair, and especially with locs.  It’s been…  8 months now I think? and I’m still rocking a bantu knot out, washing every two weeks.  Rinse and repeat.  Alot less scalpy than they were back in November and a little bit longer but not too much (shrinkage is still a bish!).

I don’t use any specific products.  I was super faithful to the locking pomade from Nubian Kinks and a friend of mine picked up a jar for me from their salon, but we haven’t been able to coordinate a meet so I can get it from her.  I ran out of the jars I had and since then I’ve just been using whatever I had in my closet, mostly because I’m being frugal and don’t want to spend alot of money on hair products.  Since running out of the Nubian Kinks pomade I’ve used some leftover stuff from Oyin Handmade, and when I ran out of that, I now use some Taliah Waajid stuff.  I do miss that Nubian Kinks pomade though, I’ma need to meet up with my friend soon so I can get my jar.

Let’s see… what else? I colored my hair over Memorial Day weekend . L’Oreal Sizzling Copper and 40 developer from the local beauty supply.  I like it, getting lots of compliments.  I colored my hair with it a million years ago (seriously I can’t remember when it was.  I’m sure it’s in this blog somewhere) and just wanted to refresh the roots.  It came out really nice.  I actually wish it was lighter.  I like that it’s red copper and not that yucky box red they put in those Dark and Lovely boxes.

Pardon the shiny face, I had been out in the sun all day in a BLACK maxi dress.  Sorry it’s not a better picture.  I’ll see if I can find one but for now this will have to do.

What else?  Ok so every two weeks, I shampoo and condish with the Nourish Spa line from Trader Joe’s. Sometimes I’ll combine the TJ’s condish with some leftover Aubrey Organics White Camelia condish along with olive, castor, jojoba and peppermint oil for deep conditioning under my hair steamer.  Moisturize with Kinky Curly Knot Today and a spray bottle with olive oil, peppermint oil, jojoba oil and water.  Use whatever pomade and/or gel I happen to be using to bantu knot the locs.  Let dry.  Take the bantu knots out.  Go.  Repeat as needed every two weeks.  Sometimes three.  Because I workout and sweat alot, when things start looking Miss Celie, I’ll pull the locs up in a banana clip minus the teeth and rock a little mini loc hawk until it’s time to wash again.

And that’s all.

Hey Dorien!




It’s been… about three weeks now I think, and for the most part things have been going well, so there isn’t much to report.  I’ve been washing weekly mostly because my scalp starts itching and I can’t go any longer than that.  I also work out daily and sweat alot, so a week is about all I can stand before I feel like I need to cleanse my scalp.  I have experienced some dryness which I’m  attributing to a few things; the change in weather and also what I’ve been using to twist my hair.  I’ve been using the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade which gives fabulous hold, but it unfortunately a bit drying for my hair.  I also think I need a better, sulfate free shampoo.  Currently using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, and it’s just ok.  So I’m on the hunt for something new/better and a little more natural.

I just washed my hair Friday and to add some moisture to my hair instead of using the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade, I used my old standby, Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Creme, (and I can’t believe it’s been a year to the day that I made that post!) and put my twists/locs into individual bantu knots.  I’ve used it in the past for bantu knots and it offered great hold and moisture. Since I’m not really a fan of wearing this style to work, I’ll leave them in tomorrow since I’m off from work and take them out Tuesday morning.  My uncle’s wedding is Saturday, I’m hoping the bantu knot out will last until then.


Last weeks bantu knot out… ( I look so tired in this picture!  Dunno what that’s all about.  But my hair looks good tho!)

This weeks bantu knots.

They actually are less painful than they look.  The smaller ones are easier to sleep on and I didn’t make them tight at all because I knew I’d be leaving them in for a few days.

A bantu knot out  is how I’ve been wearing my hair for the past few weeks.  **shrug** And that’s that.

Locked and Loaded!


After a brief moment of panic on Saturday morning when I ran into crazy traffic at the Brooklyn Bridge exit on the FDR Drive and thinking I’d miss my appointment AGAIN, I am officially locked and loaded.

I went to Nubian Kinks in Brooklyn and met with Luna who started my locs for me. She washed my hair, gave me a steam treatment, then started twisting.  I am 80% happy with my parts.  I would have done some things differently and maybe made them a little bigger, but overall I’m ok with them because I know that they will shift and change over time.  I can always combine if I want to, and honestly I *may* readjust some of these parts over the weekend.  We’ll see.  My only complaint was that Luna was quite heavy handed with the oils she put in my hair and when I left the salon my twists were literally DRIPPING with oil.  I mean DRIPPING like I had a jherri curl.  I grabbed some napkins in Starbucks while waiting for my friend to meet me after my hair appointment and used them to squeeze out some of the oils in my hair.  The napkins were soaked with the excess oil.  I didn’t even want to think about leaving all of that in my hair for a week or more, so I came home, bought a wig cap from the nearby beauty supply store and washed my hair…  again.  Then because I wasn’t feeling the flat lifeless look of my starter locs, I did bantu knots for each twists and rocked a bantu knot out for work today, aka The Big Reveal.  I’ll probably wear my hair like this until the coils fall, which will hopefully take me into next weekend.  Overall, I’m happy with my experience at Nubian Kinks and would return there again for another appointment – although next time I’d definitely ask Luna to lighten up on the oil.  For the most part tho I intend to maintain at home.

Here are some pics.  I took these with my phone so they aren’t the best quality.  I PROMISE I’ll have better pics later this week.

This is right after my hair appointment waiting for my friend in Target.  The twists look good but they were greasy to the touch from all of the oil. (You see what aisle I’m in, right?  I’m already looking at hair stuff for my new starter locs!)

This is is a pic from this morning, my bantu knot out.  Scalpy but that’s to be expected.  I’m typing this up at about 11pm, and they’ve already loosed up a little.

I just sleep with a satin bonnet so I don’t flaten it out… and that’s about it.  The waiting game begins.  Not sure if I’m gonna wash weekly or very two weeks.  Guess that’ll depend on how much time I have this coming weekend and how my scalp feels.

Combining Locs


I might as well face it.  I’m a newbie again.  I HAAAATE being a newbie.  It’s like I KNOW I’m NOT a newbie when it comes to locs, but what’s on top of my head doesn’t reflect that.  I want to WILL my hair to grow, but I know that nothing but time can do that.  I am an impatient person by nature.  My mom teases me all the time because in NYC my patience is tested constantly and she sees me getting frustrated when I have to wait on line or wait for slow people to hurry up at the ATM machines.  Patience is a difficult thing for me, but I got through this stage the first time around and I can do it again.  But for now let the teenage phase begin.

Since I took down the kinky twist portion of my locs I’ve noticed that many of my locs were extremely small.  I guess with all that extra kinky twist hair in the way I hadn’t noticed it before, since the extra hair made my locs look thick and full.  I remember when my loctician started them I thought he parted them kinda small, he even said so, but I figured I could combine them in the future if I wanted to.  And so… here we are.

I thought I’d just be able to twist two locs together, but when I did that I wasn’t happy with the outcome, my parts were rectangular, which I just wasn’t feeling, and things just looked… odd.  So I had to do some big time loc grooming.  In addition to just combining two locs together in some places, in other places I took down some locs, split the hair into two parts and twisted the hair around the locs on either side.  So now some of them look like locs, some look like two strand twists and I have three locs at my nape that are basically comb coils because I had to start them over as three locs and not four, but I’m happy with everything.  I’ve probably impeded the loc process a little bit at this point, but I’d rather do that and end up with the locs I want in the long run, than to continue on with my locs the size they were before and not be totally happy with them.

So now all I have to do is wait.  Which is basically the hardest part.  Womp womp.  I am SOOOO not feeling this length, but at least I can pull my locs up into a bun, put on a cute headband and call it a day.  OR I can always jump off with bantu knots, which I did tonight for the week.  I hope the bantu knot-out turns out okay. I just set my locs with the EVOO/tea tree/water spray (I also added jojoba oil which I just bought at Trader Joe’s), and Taliah Waajid Crinkles and Curls.  I didn’t section my locs to use the Crinkles and Curls, just put some of the foam in my hands and worked it into my locs, then created the bantu knots.

In the meantime I’m going to sort of develop a “leave them alone” routine for the time being just because I’ve been doing WAAAYY too much.  Coloring, re-coloring, taking down, combining, bantu-knotting.  TOO. MUCH.  I think I’m actually looking forward to starting school againin January so I have something else to think about besides hair.

For now I just plan to wash every week or two weeks and I think bantu knots are gonna be my style of choice for a while until my locs grow out some.  I’ve also decided that instead of conditioner, I’m gonna jump off with some hot oil treatments as a deep conditioner for the next few months.

And that’s it. Pics of the bantu knot-out are coming.  Hope it looks nice!


Baby's Day Out…


So this was my bantu knot out on Sunday as I went with my parents into the city for a Broadway show. The end result looked like a big fat frizzy mess to me. And yes it’s grown out since I put the braids in back in January (and I’ll show pics of how long my hair was then in a later entry), but it’s still short! ARGH! Not to mention the fact that the sides are just as long as the top and because of that I have to pin the side otherwise it would look crazy.