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How To Take Pictures Of Your Hair


I was checking out some natural hair blogs and came across this post by Nappy Headed Black Girl with tips on how to take pictures of your hair for your blog.

I was cracking up reading her first rule!  I was just commenting to Socialite Dreams on twitter how totally disgusting it is to see youtube “tutorials” where ladies have piles and piles of dirty clothes in a corner of the room while they sit in front of their camera fiddling with their hair or putting on eyeshadow.  I don’t understand how anyone would PURPOSELY put up a video like that for all the WORLD to see their filth.  Once recently I saw a young girl (and not a skinny one at that!) get up from her desk to walk to her closet and revealed that she had on NO PANTS.  The girl walked to her closet in her PANTIES and put that video up on YOUTUBE.  I just… can’t.

Anyway, check out Nappy Headed Black Girl’s post on how to take pictures of your hair. I will admit that it’s quite a challenge for me, and I can always use some tips.