Hurricane Irene. Just ruining plans left and right. :/


This weekend in NYC is a bust.  Hurricane Irene is on its way up the east coast.  Because of Irene, the Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson 3rd Annual Birthday Celebration that was supposed to take place tomorrow was rescheduled, then canceled/postponed. Because of Irene, bus and subway service in the five boroughs will stop at noon tomorrow.  Because of Irene, NYC is on alert as the hurricane is expected to arrive Sunday afternoon and last into the evening.  And because of Irene my appointment with Nedjetti is up in the air.  I took the day off and everything to start my locs because it had to be this specific day and now I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.  At least not by Nedjetti.  I guess if I won’t be able to meet up with Nedjetti on Monday I have a few options.

1. If I know early enough that she won’t be able to meet with me, I can just start them myself which was the original plan.  But now that I was all geeked up about a professional starting my locs for me, I’m second guessing my skills to do it myself.  The reality is that if I don’t do it myself on Monday, I’ll have wasted a vacation day and won’t have my locs started on a day that means alot to me.  The upside to starting my locs myself is that they’d be started on the day I want, I won’t feel like I’ve wasted a vacation day,  AND I’ll save quite a bit of money by not going to Nedjetti. (Not sure about that $35 deposit if I decide not to reschedule, but hell it’s only $35.  I’ve wasted more money that that buying pairs of shoes I ended up never wearing.)

2. I could reschedule with her next week if possible, but who knows when I’d be able to.  She’s only in the city on Sundays and Mondays and works from her home salon the rest of the week.  Next week I’ll only be in the city on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and am leaving for DC on Thursday morning.  The only “real” time for me to get my hair done would be Tuesday evening after 6:30pm if she’s available.  Which would mean me taking the train to her salon I guess if that’s even an option.  And then getting home somehow.

3. Or I could just pop some yarn twists back into my hair on Monday as soon as I know whether or not she’ll be able to meet with me and then reschedule my appointment for sometime when I get back from DC.

So yeah.  This kinda sucks. I’m leaning towards option 3 because I am allergic to having loose natural hair (of course I don’t mean literally but you know what I mean).  But putting in a new set of yarn braids will definitely take some time and I’ve got my first class of the semester on Monday evening, so I can’t just stay home and finish them in time for work the next day .  If anything I’ll just have to work fast, do enough twists around the perimeter of my head to make a ponytail and go ahead on about my business until I can get home and finish up OR finish up on Tuesday after I get home from work.  Plus there are the pros and cons I listed in #1.  Maybe I can do it myself.  How cool would that be to say I started and nurtured my own locs?  I’d be saving money that’s for sure.  And I’d be able to say a year from now that I started my locs myself on Michael Jackson’s birthday.  Decisions decisions.  And I’ll be stuck in the house all weekend with nothing but time to think about what I’m gonna do.  Thanks Irene.


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