I know what I said, but…


Ok so yesterday I was at work minding my own business, perfectly happy with my decision to start my locs myself with three strand twists (although since my last post I’d decided to go back to two strand twists instead, AND was a little worried about the parting, but decided I was gonna do it anyway), and was just trying to figure out when a good time would be to color my hair before I started my locs, when my cell phone rang.  It was Nedjetti from Nedjetti’s House of Peace, a loctician and natural hair stylist in the NYC area that I’d called maybe two weeks prior, asking about an appointment to start my locs.  When I called and didn’t hear from her in a few days, I didn’t stress it, I just figured she didn’t want the business and I was just gonna continue with my plan.

When I answered the phone she immediately apologized for calling be back at such a late date.  Now usually the Bourgie in me does NOT approve of poor customer service, but she was apologetic and said I was the first person on her call-back list which was nice (even if it may not have been true!).  She asked what I was looking to do, and asked if we were Facebook friends so she could see what my hair looked like in its natural state.  Since my hair’s been in twists for months, the only picture I had of my natural hair was some shots of me in London in 2009.  She quoted a price to me based on my picture, and explained her non refundable deposit policy, which I’d already read about on her website.  We had a very nice conversation and seemed to be on the same wavelength as far as products, and her preferred starter method, as well as some other things, so even though it took her a while to return my call, the conversation we had totally made up for it.  She seemed professional and knowledgeable about natural hair.  I’d also read some reviews of her services on some websites and everyone that went to her had positive things to say, especially about the atmosphere that she provides while you’re at her salon.  I am also friends with her on Facebook and she has many pictures of styles she’s done on natural hair including locs.  They looked fabulous!  I had no problems paying the deposit and made my appointment with her for August 29th at 11:00am.  (I forgot to ask about the color, I’ve just texted her, and am waiting for a call or text back).

So yeah, I know what I SAID about starting my locs myself and whatnot, but with all of this extra time to decide on something and change my mind, then decide on something else and change my mind AGAIN before the 29th, this was bound to happen.  But it’s okay.  I want to make sure I do this right because I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again to anyone who asks, I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER take down another set of locs.  So since this is gonna be a permanent thing, I want to be pleased with my foundation.  It’s gonna cost me a pretty penny (you don’t even WANNA know how much, and that’s not even including color, which we haven’t spoken about yet), but I’m okay with spending the money, especially since she seemed very nice over the phone and reviews I’ve read online have all been positive.  And truth be told, I actually don’t mind that you have to put up a deposit before your appointment.  It tells me she expects a certain level of respect from her clients and in turn will offer them the same.  At least I hope so.

It’s getting closer!  I’m so excited, and now even more so because I’m hopefully going to have a pleasant experience with this stylist.  Ten days to go!

ETA:  I heard back from Nedjetti, she’s going to color my hair as long as she thinks its healthy.  I think it is, but then again I haven’t really seen it since December, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see and put that extra money aside just in case she says my hair is okay to color.  More pretty pennies I’m going to spend on my hair but it’ll be worth it.  Wooo hooo!


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