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The fun has returned to my natural hair!


The awesome thing about deciding on a date for my loc journey is that I have a whole month (30 days as of today) to decide on some things.

What method will I use to start my locs?  How thick do I want my locs to be?  What products will I use to shampoo, condition and twist my locs?  Palm rolling or interlocking?  Will I color my hair beforehand?  I do have some answers to these questions, although things may change between now and August 29th.

As of right now I’m going with the comb/finger coil method to start my locs.  In the past I did say that I wanted to begin my locs with two strand twists, and that MAY be a possibility, but aesthetically I have never liked the TST look on me outside of the house.  Meaning that I’d do TST’s to prep for a style but was never comfortable leaving my house like that.  For me, TST’s look better when the hair has a bit of length to it.  Just my own personal opinion.  My hair is certainly longer than it was the last time I attempted to do TST’s which is why I say that it MAY be a possibility, but I doubt it.  Plus comb/finger coils are easier for me to do, and quicker.  The comb coil method is also how my first set was started by my loctician which ended up being a great starter method for my hair type.

I did want to use the Fauryn78 method of coils to loc my hair, which is how she loced her hair two different times, but I tried a test coil this morning and wasn’t too happy with how it turned out. I’m only testing this on one little section of hair, literally just took out a yarn twists, wet it, put a little loc pomade on it and tried to coil it up.  It looked…  like a teeny tiny coil, which isn’t really the look I’m going for.

I may try to practice it again and see if I can get it right, but if not I’ll save the style for when my locs are a little more mature.

I want my locs to be thicker than my last set.  I’ve always loved thick luscious locs and figured now is a great opportunity to get them, so I’ll be parting pretty big, using this method. (Start at 1:15).

I’m pretty good at parting my hair since I’ve done pretty much every set of kinky, puffy or yarn twists I’ve had in my hair for the past year and a half.  The bathroom is already rigged up with my mirrors and lighting and everything I will need.  Who knew that what I was doing all that time was just practicing for the big test, starting my own locs.

The reason I chose her method of starting locs is because she has locs that are the thickness that I’d eventually like my locs to be.  We also have similar hair types.  This is a video of her locs about a year later.  (You can FF to 2:39 and mute it cause her music is LOUD!)

Now.  Products.  There was a brief moment when I *thought* I was locking my hair back in March of 2010 when I had my loctician add kinky human hair to my own hair.  For 8 months I went on with that charade and during that time I developed an absolute LOVE for the Nubian Kinks Locing Pomade.  So much so that I bought three jars of the stuff because they tended to run out very quickly on their website.  When they DID have the pomade in stock it took them forever to send it out.  So, since I’m in NYC and they’re in Brooklyn,  I called to have the receptionist put three jars aside for me, and I went to pick them up one evening after work.

It was a short lived loc journey (fortunately) and once I realized it, I took down those “locs”, slapped some kinky twists in my hair, and the Nubian Kinks Loc Pomade took a place in the refrigerator to preserve since I wasn’t using them.  I bought three jars, and only ended up using maybe 3/4 of the first one before the hiatus.  The other two are patiently waiting for me in my fridge, preserved specifically for this new journey.

I haven’t used any of the super expensive Whole Foods type shampoos and conditioners I was using as a loose natural.  I am pretty sure I still have some of them on my Product Junkie shelf in my linen closet, but I’d have to check.  I’ve just been using cheapy Herbal Essences Hello Hydration to wash my kinky twists and yarn twists for the past few months.  I am very very lazy with my hair when it’s all kinky twisted up and thank goodness I have very strong hair that can survive just about anything.  I’ve washed maybe every three weeks or so?  Told you.  Lazy.  When I take the yarn twists out though, I’ll be sure to wash and deep condition my hair with something lush and fabulous and prep my hair very well for what’s to come.

Palm Rolling or Interlocking?  Palm rolling seems to be the way to go for now, and I may try interlocking when my locs are a bit more mature, and because I workout pretty consistently and interlocking, if I can get the hang of it, would be a great way to go since the locs wouldn’t unravel at the root.  I am not sure how I’ll handle my daily workouts with my locs until then, but I’ll make it work.

I’d love to color my hair before I start this set of locs, but I’m not sure if I”ll have time.  Ideally the smart thing to do would be to color my hair the weekend before I start my locs, then leave my hair out of kinky twists that week to give it a rest before I start my locs, but since I’m like 100% allergic to having my loose hair out for longer than a few hours between sets of kinky twists, I’m not sure how I’m going to do that.  I *could* color the same day I loc, but I want to make sure I’ve got all of those chemicals out of my hair since I won’t be able to wash my hair for a few weeks until my locs set. We’ll see what happens. I’ll probably just use one of the Textures and Tones or Dark and Lovely box colors, just to lighten up my hair a little.  No crazy experiments with professional hair color and developer and all of that nonsense.

So that’s where things stand right now.  Of course everything is subject to change.  Can you tell I’m excited?  I’ve been scouring youtube and rereading Lonnice Brittenum Bonner’s book which really helped me a great deal on my first loc journey, before the days of youtube and blogs.  I said earlier that the awesome thing about having a date for my loc journey is that I have a whole month to decide on some things.  The not so awesome thing about having a date for my loc journey is that I wanna loc NOW!  I’m itching to get started!  But I’ll wait because I really am NOT ready now.  This time, these 30 days, will be spent getting my mind and my environment ready for what’s to come.  This is a lifelong decision.  Seriously I am like 100000000% sure that I’ll NEVER take down another set of locs! EVER.  AGAIN.  EVER.  So I want to make sure I get this right, so I never have to do it again.

On a whim yesterday morning, I took down one of my yarn twists, just to see what I’d have to work with when the time came to loc.  Here’s a pic of a mini finger coil.  My hair is 6.5 inches stretched, probably the longest it’s been since I took down my first set of locs at the end of 2009 and got my hair trimmed to get rid of the damaged ends.  It really is a testament to  how leaving your hair alone will really facilitate growth.