Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme


So I was checking out African Export on youtube and saw her video reviewing the Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme.  I’ve been struggling with a serious case of  “I wanna buy SOMETHING!” PJism, so when I passed my local BSS on  Thursday night, I saw the Olive Creme on the shelf and I left the BSS $3.49 broker (more broke?).  I noticed that the Olive Creme didn’t have alcohol, petroleum or mineral oil in it and of course had olive oil in it, my current favorite.

My locs had been feeling a bit dry this week, even though I’d been misting them every few days with my water/EVOO/tea tree oil spray. That could very well have been from the botched color job I attempted last week. They didn’t feel good to the touch at all and probably didn’t look all that great either.  I figured they needed something a little heavier, especially since the temperature had been dropping quite a bit this past week.

I used the Olive Creme to bantu knot my hair on Thursday night since on Friday I was gonna be meeting up with some friends and didn’t want anyone to see my locs looking all dry and lifeless. I dampened my hair with my special spray, added the Olive Creme row by row, took about three locs at a time, twisted them around each other and created the bantu knot. I didn’t pin them, just tucked the ends in.  This is the end result.

Tip:  I usually twist my bantu knots in the direction I would twist my hair after washing…  that way even though bantu knotting isn’t a retwist per se, I’m still controlling the new growth a little bit by twisting the bantu knots in the same direction I’d be re twisting my hair anyway.  Make sense?

I created two flat twists on each side and secured them with locs (just kinda tied locs around themselves to secure the twists) to make the style into a lochawk.  The Olive Creme definitely gave my locs a bit more weight, and I feel like the creme trapped the moisture from my special spray into my locs, sorta like a sealant.  In the past I’d bantu knot my hair at night using the exact same method but with the Taliah Waajid Crinkles and Curls, and my locs were usually about 90% dry before I went to bed and were completely dry by morning.  This time, I took the bantu knots out on Friday morning and I could still feel a bit of dampness in some of my locs.

That being said, the Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme gets a thumbs up from me.  Yes I know it’s not the most natural or organic product in the world, but I remember that I had beautiful, healthy long locs for 8 years and didn’t use anything especially organic or natural on them.  I thought the creme did a very good job of sealing in the moisture my locs needed and didn’t leave them crunchy or heavy from product.  The scent isn’t the best, but it really reminds me of those old hair creams and stuff my mom used to use on my hair back in the day.  It wasn’t awful enough to turn me off and the scent was gone by morning.


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