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The Journey Begins…


Some pics of the last few weeks of hairstyles and make up and some new pics of my twists…


Natural… Take Three!


I started this blog as a journal for my transition out of my 8 year old locs into loose natural hair, which is why the blog is called natural… take two.  I guess this will be the third phase of my natural hair journey because I’ve decided to return to locs.

Yesterday I decided to get my hair two strand twisted using human hair extensions for fullness that I will eventually palm roll as there is new growth. I decided to do it this way because I wanted to try something new and wanted to be a little more sophisticated this time around during the teenage phase of the locing process and ensure that my cultivated locs are a bit more uniform and look neater.  I didn’t want to do loc extensions because I do want to appreciate the journey from loose natural hair to locs, even though I’m using extensions to transition, if that makes any sense.

I know that this is a subject that is a touchy one for many women who chose to go natural, the whole “someone else’s hair/energy in your hair” and “that’s not really natural” debate, but my hair isn’t chemically treated and probably never will be again, so as far as I’m concerned my hair is STILL natural.  As far as the “energy” generated from the extension hair, I do understand that, but I also know that now that I have the two strand twists in, the journey begins and this journey is MINE, I’m claiming it!  As far as it goes moving forward, my only concern at the moment is to grow a head of healthy beautiful locs, and I can’t wait to get this journey started!

The one thing that I CAN say about the year and 4 months I spent with my loose natural hair, is that I learned a great deal about natural hair care and will definitely use that information going forward with my new loc journey. I still have a closet full of natural hair products that I’ll use on my hair as it locs, and have learned a great deal about how to better care for my locs this time around.  The other thing I can say about the year and 4 months I spend natural is that loose natural hair is NOT for me.

Loose natural hair is WORK.  I’d been keeping my hair in the same style for 3 months, washing only every two or sometimes even three weeks, because it was too much trouble to wash, condition, detangle and style my hair every few days or even weekly.  Although manipulating my hair less had encouraged growth, I had begun to get frustrated because I wanted to try different styles, but didn’t have the time or patience to achieve them.  Two weekends ago I spent two days washing and styling my hair.  The process that I described in an earlier post was effective, but time consuming and I didn’t want to do it anymore, especially knowing that I did have other options like locs.  So after that, I decided to call the man who’d started my locs back in 2001 and begin the journey all over again.

As I said, I am using human hair to transition to locs.  The look is similar to the baby curl twist that can be found on the Khamit Kinks website and is the look currently sported by the actress Tracie Thoms.

My hair at the moment is a big longer, and dark brown/black, and also not as full as hers.  My parts are bigger since I plan to loc and wanted my locs to be a certain size when they grow out.

Pics of my hair are forthcoming!