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Getting the hang of this natural thang!


My head is pounding because I’m stressed out about school crap but here are some pics of the style I just put in for the week.  I did a 3rd henna last night, rinsed out this morning with TJ’s Nourish Spa, DC with some coconut oil,  AOHSR and some DevaCurl One Condition (it was on sale at Ricky’s this week).  Then detangled, rinsed, added a bit more One C, some Qhemet AOHC, a little OHHB on the ends, twisted and let air dry.  took the twists out added a bit of BRBC to the hair and some Honeybush Soft Hold Gel on the edges to keep them from getting frizzy and voila!  I intended to do a similar style to the one I did for the trip, but I just decided to keep twisting to see what it would look like.  I’m used to having some kind of hair on the top to help my face look not so ROUND, but I think I’m gonna leave it in at least for the week.  Maybe two since I know that I can.  It’s gonna be a busy few weeks for me anyway with final projects and all for my classes, the last thing I wanna be thinking about is my hair.


Thanksgiving Hair


My hair held up beautifully for the trip.  I am so pleased.  I just took it down last night after it being up in twists for almost two weeks.  It was so soft.  Qhemet rocks.  I just ordered larger sizes of the Qhemet products during their sale this morning, THAT is how pleased I am with the way my hair turned out.  I hope they are delivered soon.

So here’s the puff I created when I took the twists down.  I managed to find a way to make a puff without cutting off the circulation of blood to my brain.  Just wrapped the sarf loosely around the hair and pinned it to keep it in place since it was kinda loose. I’m sure I’ll get better at it, but this wasn’t bad for my first attempt.  Definitely a keeper now that I know I can do it and still be able to think throughout the day.

Vacation Hair


Moist happy hair with less breakage.  I’m pretty happy about that.  Here’s how the style came out.  The twists on the side are a little limp so I’m sitting here with perm rods in my hair in the front to give them a little body.  Usually it doesn’t take long for my hair to curl, I’ll probably leave them in until it’s time for bed.

Basically what I did was after washing and detangling Friday I used KCKT as a leave in, with AOHC for moisture and OHHB on the ends.  Today I used a tiny bit of BRBC to kinda detangle my hair a bit before twisting and a litte OHHB on the ends.  Then twisted it up.  Dry hair.  I’ll probably bring some Greg Juice with me on the trip to spritz, but more than likely will just bring a spray bottle and spray my hair with water while I’m away.  It’s already pretty moist, and I don’t want to add any more products to my hair unless necessary.  The style has to last for at least a week if not more so the less products the better..

Likes and Dislikes


I’m working on getting some pics up from the two henna applications I did, but I HATE iPhoto and iPhoto hates me.  Blech.

Hennaing went well.  The first application was a bit rough on my hair because I had to do the henna first then the indigo.  The henna part went fine but the indigo was messy and crumbly and very difficult to work with.  All that washing and apppying and rinsing and applying and rinsing and detangling and styling was WAYYY too much for my hair.  I kept my hair in twists for a week after that.  Two weeks later the second henna (no indigo) went very well and my hair feels great.  Curl is elongated, the color is nice too.  I’m pleased and will probably do another henna after I come back from my vacation if I have time.

Anyway, in the past few weeks I’ve bought some new products, used some old products, tried some new things and found out what my hair does and does not like.  I’ll list some of those things here so they will be here for me to reference later on.


DevaCurl Lo-Poo.  CoWashing didn’t feel “right” to me, washing with conditioner, so I decided to give lo-poo a try.  It seems to be working well so far, it takes the gunk out of my hair, but doesn’t dry it or leave it with that stripped hair feeling.  I may go back to co-washing though, because the DevaCurl is kind of expensive.  If anything I’ll alternate weeks, and just lo-poo once a month to get rid of build-up.

The ENTIRE Qhemet line:  LOVE this stuff, and plan to buy bigger sizes when they have their Black Friday sale.  The Burdock Root Butter Cream is great and I’ll be picking up a larger size of the Alma and Olive Heavy Cream and the Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm for the winter.  I’m manipulating my hair alot (I’m not comfortable with just washing and go0ing just yet) and these products seem to work for my hair at keeping it moisturized and feeling nice.

Olive Oil.  It’s thicker than coconut and my hair appreciates that. I’m thinking of trying  castor oil since it’s even thicker.

Henna.  I love the results but the jury’s still out on whether or not this is the reason my hair has started shedding or if it’s something I’m doing or NOT doing as far as moisture/protein or styling.  I love the results of henna tho, so I think I’ll keep doing applications and try to change around some of the products I’m using and maybe that will help with the breakage.

Aphogee.  I used this last night after being hesitant about it for weeks.  I was afraid that it would be too strong for my hair and make it dry but that turned out to not be the case at all.  Right now my hair is in twists after washing, ready to be styled and it’s very soft.  Whether or not the aphogee stopped the breakage I can’t really say because I still experienced breakage when detangling, and when applying my leave-in condish and moisture before twisting.  I’m not sure if it’s normal or not normal or will stop over time or what.  In the meantime I’m just going to stick to a routine for a while and see if I can repair some of the damage before it gets worse.  I really hate to admit that I might need to wash my hair more than once a week but it’s looking like that is indeed the case.  Friday before washing my hair felt like a brillo pad it was so dry. I THINK I know the reason for that tho.  Which leads me to my hair’s dislikes…


Shea butter.  This stuff sucks.  I don’t know WHY everyone is in such an uproar over this stuff.  Its difficult to rub in, seems to sit on TOP of my hair and if I have some of this in my hair and then wet it..  it makes my hair super THICK and makes it feel like Ive got dax in my hair or something.  I ordered some Afroveda Lock Twist and Roll Butter and used it last week and my hair wasn’t very pleased. The first ingredient is shea butter.  But I will say this.  For my dry twists and twist outs it worked wonderfully and smelled very good.  I had the twists in for two days and rocked a twist out for two days and even in the moisture, humidity and rain of the week the twist out stayed pretty much in tact and didn’t frizz at all.  But for the rest of my hair (I used it for a twist out style in the front and flat twists in the back) I wasn’t too please.  Although it might have had something to do with what I put on my hair before applying the Lock Twist and Roll Butter…

Coconut Oil.  I  think coconut oil was the culprit in drying my hair out at the end of this week.  I overdid it with the coconut oil on Sunday and it just kinda sat on top of my hair all week.  By the end of the week with all the manipulation and whatever it was just a hot mess.  I think I’m done with coconut oil, at least by itself.  Same with shea. I can deal with coconut oil mixed with other things, like after I did the Aphogee I applied a bit of coconut oil to my hair, then the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose condish and that was fine.  But coconut oil alon?  Not happening.  Same with Shea.  Shea butter alone on my hair?  No way.  Shea butter mixed with other things.  On dry hair, yes.  Twists and twist outs?  Yes.  Flat twists?  Dry only.  But for me it seems shea is better for defining a twist out and less for moisture.  I’ll have to use something else for that.

For my trip I’m going to be attempting to do this style…

Well the one that she shows pictures of at 1:01.  I’ve done a variation of this style for a few weeks now, the only thing is that I’ve never flat twisted from side to side before, only from crown to nape, so we’ll see how this comes out.  Also she’s rocking a twist out and I won’t be.  I’ll be twisting and leaving them in for as long as I can, maybe taking them out and rocking a twist out for maybe the last day or two of the trip.  We’ll see.

A few pics from after the first henna..

And after the second henna…