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First (pre) Henna


So I just finished mixing up my first Henna and will be applying it tomorrow night when I get home from work.

I loosely followed  Curly Nikki’s video on how she preparers her henna and got some really good information from and

I heated water to just before boiling and placed 4 black tea bags into two cups of the water to steep.  I waited for the tea to cool and poured the henna into a bowl.  Then I just slowly added the tea until the henna became the consistency of mashed potatoes.  I also added maybe 3 tablespoons of lemon juice… just because I forgot to add it to the tea while it was steeping.  I covered the henna with plastic wrap and now it’s sitting on my dresser in the bedroom.  I plan on letting the dye release overnight, and putting it in the freezer in the morning…  allegedly the dye release it supposed to be better after the henna has been frozen and thawed. I’ll just unfreeze it in the bad, just immerse the bag in hot water then use it tomorrow night when I get home…

I’ll wash my hair tomorrow night (it soooo needs washing!) apply the henna and leave it in overnight.  Then I’ll rinse out in the morning and apply the indigo.  I’m kinda not looking forward to that because I have heard it’s messy as hell but I really want my hair to be fabulously shiny and Black.  I’m also anticipating some dryness, so just in case for the DC after the henna treatment I picked up the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Condish, from Whole Foods which seems to be a favorite of curlies on the message board.  I was using my Trader Joe’s condish as a DC and adding things like EVCO, olive oil and honey to it but I wasn’t happy with it, so hoping that the AOHSR will give me the deep treatment that I am looking for. I think I might also add some MSM into the DC, since I have it and haven’t used it.

So that’s that for tonight.  Updates and pics soon….




So the twist out came out really really nice!

For the most part this was what I was hoping for.  The last few times I did this I had absolutely NO definition.  The KCKT/BRBC/KCCC combo gave me what I was looking for.  By the end of the day though my hair was really poofy!  I wasn’t expecting that at all.  I guess it makes sense as the hair loosens itself from the pattern of the twistouts.  It was kinda cute and made my hair bigger which I didn’t mind at all.

The second day tho didn’t go quite as well.  I wasn’t sure how to sleep on it, so I just wet a few bits of frizzy hair with a spray bottle mix of water and Oyin honey hemp condish, retwisted them (not all… just the frizzy ones) and slept sans scarf on my satin pillowcase.  I woke up to more fizz. **sigh**  Well.. not so much frizz but the hair wasn’t as defined as it had been the first day.

I had no idea what I was gonna do with it and I was running out of time this morning.  Even the updo wasn’t working for me… so into a frohawk it went…

(That first hawk pic makes it look like I have a bald patch or something, but I don’t.. it was just the flash on my scalp).

I hate that I love this style so much. On the one hand it really showcases how much my hair has grown in the past few months.  But on the other hand, not only are my ends all out, I am afraid to wear the style to work because you know that can go either way.  I dressed myself up in a skirt and blouse and my low heeled boots so the hair wouldn’t look so severe.  A young woman I worked with loved it… but she’s Black and transitioning to natural so she “gets it”.  This is my hair.  This is how it grows.  I mean it doesn’t grow into a frohawk, but you know what I mean.  She gets it tho.  I’m afraid others may not. Only time will tell.

Although I had a GRAND old time messing around with my hair these past two days (that’s sarcasm just in case you were wondering), the pressure to come up with a workable style in the mornings when I need to get my ass outta this house and off to work is a bit much.  So when I got home tonight I just wet my hair with a spray bottle of water and Oyin Honey Hemp Condish, sectioned off the hair in the front, twisted it up,and pulled the back into two flat twists.  I should have added some moisturizer to the ends of my hair before I did tucked them in there, just to preserve the ends a bit, but it had already taken me two tries each to get these to look somewhat uniform and normal and I had NO desire to take them out and redo them a third time.  I’m hoping to leave these in for the remainder of the week.. or at the most, have to take them out later on in the week (this time moisturizing the ends) and redo them again if needed.

(Pardon the shiny ass forehead…. and the kinda crazy part… and the little white bits in the twists.. for some reason, the BRBC/KCCC combo does that when it’s wet, but the white bits disappear when the hair is dry).

Okay so yeah.  Nothing fancy here, just want to give me and my hair a break for a while.  I also realized that if I really wanted to, I could take the time and do tiny twists on my whole head that might actually last a week if I take care of them.. but ugh.  I just can’t be bothered.  If I want to do that I think I’ll just splurge and pay someone to do it for me.  CBB.

The Results of the Flat Twist Test


So…  the hair went up into the all familiar updo in the morning.  It was moisturized which I did love so that was a good thing.  It felt really nice, soft, with a bit or curl/wave to it.  It was a little greasy to the touch, but I think once I figure out how to not be so heavy handed with my coconut oil I’ll be good.

I ended up putting it up again because of two things.  I didn’t use anything that would HOLD the wavyness that is supposed to be the result of a flat twist out.  I am afraid to use any of the gels that I have because they all dry my hair out and right now my hair needs MOISTURE.  I’ve used my fantaisia IC before back in June and that was drying as all get out. I used aloe vera gel once and my hair felt like BRILLO, and my Qhemet Honeybush Tea Soft Hold Gel doesn’t dry my hair, but doesn’t give me the hold that I really want.

I am sitting here now with my DC in under a heating cap (it’s dripping like crazy which is fun for me).  I did a prepoo with olive oil (and I think that’s the last time I’ll be doing that – I feel like my hair will end up feeling greasy and coated later, but we’ll see), cowashed with TJ’s Nourish Spa, and mixed some honey, coconut oil and a dash of olive and more TJ’s for my DC. I will probably detangle with this in, twist up the sections when I’m done, rinse and then add some KCKT as my leave in, some Qhemet Burdock Root Butter Cream for moisture and twist to dry.  In the morning I’ll probably add a little more BRBC, some of the KCCC and flat twist again in anticipation of a cute style for Monday morning.

The first week…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Mkay.  So.  I was going along pretty well this week.  I’ve noticed significant growth since June which is nice.  It’s only a few inches but that really makes a difference because I can actually style my hair now. It’s a great feeling.

So Friday night I put my hair in two strand twists to dry after washing and on Saturday morning I separated them with some KBB Hair Milk on my hands to prevent frizz, and turned each twists into two twists, so I made them smaller.

I kept those in until Monday and took them out.  And I STILL hate twist outs.  UGH!  😦  It really is a style that does NOT look good on me, probably because my hair isn’t long enough to hang down after I take them out.  It all ends up looking like a big old frizzball.  So I turned them in the familiar updo leaving the twist outs loose in the front.  I felt like I was having deja vu.  My hair was soft though and pretty shiny courtesy of my washing routine from Friday.  I was pleased and left the house happy and confident.

Tuesday – Same style on second day hair.  I *think* I just retwisted before I went to bed and fluffed out in the AM and pulled it into the undo again.  It didn’t look as hot as it did on Monday, I called it my Sideshow Bob look.

Tuesday Night – Instead of two strand twists I tried flat twisting the back and two strand twisting the front.  The back came out reallly curly and cute and confirmed for me that flat twists can certain me an alternative for me to the two strand AND take less time do to.  The result was a funky fro hawk.  Only two complaints about it.  One, the hair at the nape of my neck is longer and has a looser curl pattern that my other hair to the hawk kinda looked like a hawk mullet, longer in the back, so that was fun.  Also it was a super cool look and I LOVED it, just wasn’t so sure about wearing it to work.  It mighta been too…edgy I think. (PS – Those are combs, not a banana clip which probably was the reason why the back looked so long.. I’m sure I could have fixed that part up with some hair pins or something.  Maybe next time.)

So Wednesday night I came home and intended to do my flat twists again but my hair wasn’t cooperating with me.  It seemed…  too gunky, like filled with product.  If I had taken the time to work through it I probably would have been okay, but my fool ass decided to wash my damn hair in the middle of the week.  Needless to day I went to bed after midnight, went through quite a few products, realized wash and go is something I will NOT be doing any time soon, at least not until it gets warmer, and woke up with the DRIEST hair EVER.   I had NO idea what to do with it, so I brushed it up into a crazy looking hot mess of a style and went to work.  It looked…  not good…. and by the end of the day it was sooooo dry and probably looked it too.  😦  My poor hair.  I felt bad because I know I looked a hot mess, but I also felt bad for my hair!

I saw a video on youtube that had a cute little tutorial on how to achieve the Corinne Bailey Rae look which involved flat twists and bantu knots at the ends.


So when I got home tonight I bathed my poor sad looking dry hair with the Chicoro method of moisturizing the hair, (water with condish – I used Oyin Honey Hemp – in a spray bottle, a liquid moisturizer – I used coconut oil – and a thicker moisturizer – I used Qhemet Olive and Honey hydrating balm) and flat twisted and bantu knotted the ends.  I’m gonna let it air dry over night (my fool ass used heat last night like a dummy, so I want to keep heat off of my hair for at least a week) and HOPE for the best in the morning.

Tomorrow is Friday so that’s good, I only have one more day to go before I won’t have to actually be seen in public unless I want to.  I also think that Saturday night into Sunday will have to be my hair routine… either that or Sunday AM wash… air dry or assist with dryer until sorta damp, then moisturize and twist Sunday night to be ready for Monday morning.  Washing on Friday night means that midway through the week I might have to wash again and I want to avoid that.

So I’m doing ookay this week.. I don’t want to go back to the synthetic twists so I’m gonna try to work with what I’ve got.  The only thing I’m not happy with is the color of my hair.  It’s black but not really black… because I want huge shine factor, and I need a deep conditioning anyway, I ordered me some henna and indigo and will work that out next weekend.  I’m pretty excited.  Woo hoo!!! More on that in another post…

The Decision…


Okay.  So with the encouragement of my mom (and my reluctance to put in yet another set of synthetic twists) I took the twists out on Friday night.  Here is what I did:

I took the twists out in sections.  Just picked a section of hair,  cut the synthetic hair below where my own hair ended and took them out.  Once I was done with a section I wet that section of hair, and added tons of shea butter to the section.  I then proceeded to use my hands and a wide toothed comb to detangle the shed hair.  I didn’t pull and tug too much, but I wanted to do a bit of untangling then to avoid an even  rougher detangling session later.  I then twisted up the section of hair and did that for my entire head. The shea served as a prepoo I guess.

I then shampooed with TJ’s Nourish Spa Shampoo, rinsed and sat under the heat cap for an hour with a DC of TJ’s Nourish Spa Condish mixed with olive oil, honey and coconut oil.  I tried to to use the condish just as a carrier, so attempted to use more olive honey and coconut.  After the hour I detangled my hair, again in sections, adding condish as necessary and then twisting each section when I was done.  I rinsed out the condish with my hair still sectioned to prevent tangling.  I then SHOOK my head like a dog in the shower to rid my hair of excess hair as opposed to patting dry with a towel or t-shirt.  Then unraveled the twists, added Africa’s Best Olive Oil Deep Conditioner as a leave in, and Qhemet’s Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm for moisture.  Twisted the hair back up uesd the dryer a little on low because I didn’t want to go to bed with soaking wet hair and went to sleep.  In the morning, I pulled town the twists individually, broke them down (from one twists to two twists), and used the Qhemet Honeybush Tea Soft Hold Gel for a bit of hold.  I got up this morning and added a little HINT of KBB Hair Milk.  Just a pinch for moisture.  That’s how my hair’s been since Saturday morning.  My PLAN is to take them out in the AM and have a fabulous big fro or at the very least, something I can pull into my signature french roll from June.

I decided not to get my hair cut because I’ve worked hard for this growth damn it and I didn’t want to cut my hair.  I figured that I’d just take the twists out, and see if I could work with the hair I have before I go running around trying to cut my hair.  I just keep thinking about the last time I got my hair cut and all of that fabulous growth I lost.  But I will say that my hair is alot healthier at this shorter length than the hair I had when I took my locs down.  So maybe it was for the best.  I still haven’t gotten back to that length, but I’m working on it.

I HOPE this time I have an easier time than I did those two weeks in June when I was in hair hell.  I figure Ive got 4 months of new growth so that should help with styling and versatility and what not.  I wouldn’t say that I’m completely out of that totally awkward phase, but I’m almost there.

Pics of my summer of hair and the results of all of Friday’s work are forthcoming..

Another Pic of Joie and a Hair Update…


I’ve been MIA I know.. especially after promising an update with MSM (which it still sitting in the cabinet in the kitchen barely touched).  It was a rough summer for me.  Just the peaks and valleys of live I guess.

Anyway, the summer flew by me, and the next thing I knew it was October.  I’ve put in another set of twists in August, AFTER the last set I put in back in June, the ones of the pics I posted.  It’s mid October and soooo time for them to come out.  The only problem is that I just refuse to go through the process again.  It’s a long and painful one.  Putting them in anyway. (Taking them out is fairly easy).  I was trying, really really trying to get to December with the twists, but I just don’t know anymore. So impulsive me made an appointment for Saturday (tomorrow!) at a salon in Brooklyn with a guy who specializes in curly hair.  When I called and asked the woman who answered the phone what kinda curly hair we talking she said curly curly.. like Afro curly… and that was before I even mentioned to her that I am SOOOO Afro curly.  I am afraid though because I’ve been growing out this hair for 10 months.  I honestly don’t even want scissors anywhere NEAR my hair. But it’s a mullet and it really does need a trim.  I just don’t want to undo all of my progress.

So I have a few options at this point:

1. Redo the front few rows.  That will only get me to early November though and I’m going to London mid November which means I’ll have to put in a whole new set before then and I really don’t want to take the time to do that.

2. Whole new set this weekend (or next weekend) which I guess is okay but I am soooo  over these twists.  ARGH!

3. Take braids out now and just DEAL… no appointment with dude.  Which means I’ll actually have to DO my hair.  Which sucks.  Unless I do the wash and go method which I think I will with very limited manipulation because honestly I just don’t have time.. but then the OTHER thing about that is that I’ll have to DO my hair.. washing, conditioning, bla bla bla.  I just really CBB with all of that.  But at the same time, I think my hair needs a break from the braids.  10 months in braids and it’s DRY BRITTLE and gets easily tangled which is WHY putting in new sets of braids is so difficult because it hurts me to untangle my hair.  I just don’t want to undo all of my progress if I put in another set of braids/twists.  I know me and I know I’m not gonna be washing and conditioning it regularly.  I don’t want all that progress to be gone because I wasn’t taking proper care of my hair.

4. Take the braids out, and go to the appointment tomorrow.  Same as above, but just let dude cut my hair into some kind of shape before I go playing around in it… BUT the one thing that scares me about that is that the last time I went to get my hair cut, she cut ALOT off.  I was totally not expecting that and still think if I hadn’t been so hasty I would have been able to keep some of that hair.  Because I made a quick decision instead of playing around with my hair a little I ended up unhappy and have spent the last 10 months growing back the hair she cut.

Okay.  Decisions to make I guess…  right now it looks like I’m gonna go with number 3 and an OPTION to do number 4 if I take my hair down and feel like after a week or so that it’s still looking mulletty and needs to be cut for shape.  But I think the braids are coming down tonight.  **sigh** I hope I don’t regret it.

Oh!  And he’s a new pic of Joie.

Joie Lee at the Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration in Brooklyn Hosted by Spike Lee

Joie Lee at the Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration in Brooklyn Hosted by Spike Lee